About Us

Our Mission

To empower Micronesians for greater Self-Reliance, and to Educate Micronesians and the Larger Community about their Respective Cultures, Rights, and Responsibilities.

Our History

Micronesians United Big Island was formed as an organization in 2004-2005 to serve as a cultural bridge between Micronesians and the larger Big Island Community.

Our Leadership

MU-BI operates with a volunteer elected board who are all Micronesians and MU-BI strives to have all the major cultural groups represented on the board. MU-BI also operates with the help of volunteer supporters who are not Micronesian but who have an interest in supporting the efforts of the organization. Supporters may provide information and guidance, but do not vote at board meetings. Read more>>

Our Services

MU-BI has been involved in educational efforts and outreach to State, County and private agencies on behalf of Micronesians and has occasionally intervened in cases where there were communication difficulties and cultural misunderstanding. MU-BI has provided expertise and worked with pastors and others in conflict resolution with the schools, housing and other social services. MU-BI is documenting some of these cultural miscommunication and discrimination cases in ways that confidentiality is protected in order to develop intercultural training tools. MU-BI has provided limited translation services through some members, but those services should be compensated as required by state law. Read more>>

Our Programs

MUBI started out with a small “Mo Bettah” Grant from Hawaii Community Foundation, and is currently working with a capacity building grant from Hawaii County Department of Research and Development. MU-BI has Federal Non profit 501 c 3 tax exempt status and is currently completing a social needs assessment in the Micronesian community. The Needs Assessment uses Micronesian student Interviewers and will create an independent count of Micronesian households and average size of household by major language/cultural group. MU-BI is developing cultural adaptation handbooks, one for service providers to help them understand the rights COFA Migrants have under the Compacts of free Association, and one for newcomers to help them understand the laws and regulations here. It is working in the area of economic development possibilities for greater self reliance based on Micronesian skills and cultural strengths. MU-BI was involved in efforts to get Legal Aid Eligibility re-instated for Micronesians. It has also been involved in efforts to restore Micronesian access to Med Quest Health Insurance. MUBI is supporting a Multicultural Marine Conservation Exchange and is translating the Hawaii Marine Fishing Regulations into Chuukese and Marshallese. It is also developing educational material for Micronesians so they can learn from Hawaiian fishing practices.

MUBI has supported a number of conferences and workshops to promote cultural understanding for various agencies and has more informational workshops in the planning stages. Read more>>


Formal membership is open to all Micronesians interested in supporting MUBI and costs $1.00 per year. Meetings are open and ideas, concerns and support are always welcome.