Education Program
Our education programs involves all forms of educational actions:
1. Educational Research: MU-BI has been involved with various educational research projects with various research groups.
2. Hawaii Board of Education-MU-BI organizes and facilitated focus meetings on behalf of Hawaii Board of Education to help improve education for all of our kids.
3. School Outreach-Mu-BI members visit grade school campus to provide cultural training for teacher and also provide mentorship, encouragement, and support for Micronesian students
4. Navigating Success: Pacific Youth Empowerment for success (PacYES): Annual conference event aim to inspire and empower high school students.

Community Health Program

1. COFA Health Fest: MU-BI host health care event annually to help enroll people to health care, Free Health Screening, Eye care, and other resources.
2. Monthly Pacific Screening-in partnership with UHH Pharmacy
3. Healthy Community-Promote Healthy lifestyle and resources

Cultural Programs

Promoting and celebrating our Micronesian cultures:
1. Cultural Outreach program: Participate in community cultural event to promote and celebrate our own cultures and provide sense of identity to the kids.
2. Cultural enriching Program: Aim to provide cultural education to young Micronesians


It is working in the area of economic development possibilities for greater self reliance based on Micronesian skills and cultural strengths.


MU-BI was involved in efforts to get Legal Aid Eligibility re-instated for Micronesians. It has also been involved in efforts to restore Micronesian access to Med Quest Health Insurance.


MUBI is supporting a Multicultural Marine Conservation Exchange and is translating the Hawaii Marine Fishing Regulations into Chuukese and Marshallese. It is also developing educational material for Micronesians so they can learn from Hawaiian fishing practices.


MUBI has supported a number of conferences and workshops to promote cultural understanding for various agencies and has more informational workshops in the planning stages.