Thank you for visiting our website. This is our virtual office for all our members, friends, and quests. We hope you enjoy your visit and are able to find useful information and learn about our organization and about our diverse Micronesian community on the Big Island. We welcome your comments and questions you may have. Aloha!

Micronesians United – Big Island (MU-BI) is a Hawaii-based nonprofit organization with the mission of empowering Micronesians for greater self-reliance, and to educate Micronesians and the Big Island community about their respective cultures, rights, and responsibilities.

MU-BI strives to empower our Micronesian community through networking and collaborating with state, county, and private agencies to provide our community members access to educational opportunities, economic opportunities, and healthcare security. MU-BI also facilitates and organizes youth educational events, promotes and celebrates Micronesian cultures. and advocates for our Community. MU-BI has collaborated with educational researchers and help conducted social assessment studies that helps us better understand the needs, challenges, and the opportunities of our own Micronesian community. We also have been involved in educational outreach efforts to provide intercultural training for state, county and private agencies employees including educators, Healthcare providers, and other service providers.  MU-BI has provided expertise and worked with pastors and others in conflict resolution with the schools, housing and other social services. MU-BI is documenting some of these cultural miscommunication and discrimination cases in ways that confidentiality is protected in order to develop intercultural training tools. MU-BI has provided limited translation services through some members, but those services should be compensated as required by state law. Read more>>